Drunk Mode

Get crazy, stay safe

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This could reaaaaallly come in handy. Now I just have to get drunk to try it out properly ;)
Hey party people, Amazing to finally see Drunk Mode on PH! We're super stoked to be here. If you've never seen/heard of us, Drunk Mode is the condom for your phone. Meaning, we're here to help drunk you not make life harder for sober you! Currently our four main features include: 1. Find My Drunk - a live map of where your friends are. Not only can you find out where the parties at, but also keep everyone safe by always knowing where your bar bros are at. 2. Breadcrumbs - track almost every step of the night before, just in case it needs to be remembered ;) 3. Block Drunk Dialing - hey drunk you, that ex doesn't need to know how much you love/miss them for the millionth time... 4. Find A Ride - Uber integration to find a sober ride home, or directly to your friend on Drunk Mode. Plus! Our upcoming PANIC BUTTON provided by our strategic partnership with FABRIQ that will make your nights on the town safer than ever before! I look forward to any questions, comments, and suggestions on how to make Drunk Mode even better. Thanks guys!
@thejaketyler you guys do an awesome job with push notifications / make the app trend on the app store. I'd love to learn from you brotha!
@sethmills21 thank you sir! Email me anytime at jake@drunkmode.org my dude!
@bentossell Very handy! Imagine it had a peeple type feature where you get the chance to rate people (a sober rating and a drunk rating).
@paul_s_kemp great suggestion!
I seriously needed this in college. Love the social components and the safety provided. Everyone on college campuses should be using Drunk Mode just to party safe.
Very cool, I've had an idea like this before and it's great to see other people have too! Any plans to work add some sort of "safety" feature, especially when it comes to drunk driving? Kind of a complicated subject but I see some potential there.
@jasonbeee thanks for the comment! Our Uber integration aims to help with drunk driving some, but we know we can do more. We're always brainstorming ways to help end drunk driving & we hope to one day play a major role in awareness as well as prevention.