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DrumUp mobile apps are great for tracking industry content (you can build a personalized content stream with keywords), reading on mobile and curating/scheduling for social accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook accounts & pages). Bunch of cool social media scheduling features too - hashtag recommendations, schedule to multiple accounts, create/schedule custom posts, repeat schedules.
Update: We’re offering a 25% discount on all Upgrades today for ProductHunters. To get it, sign up and use the Upgrade button on web app (http://drumup.io/). Cheers!
How does Drumup compare to something like Buffer?
@barrettshepherd DrumUp goes beyond just scheduling, and suggests fresh, personalized content that can be shared/scheduled on social media (you can use the content recommendations to generate ideas for your content mktg too). The app also gives some high utility features such as hashtag recommendations for suggested content, option to set repeat schedules for important posts/announcements, and a library where you can save posts for later use/scheduling (last feature currently available on web app, will soon be live on mobile too). So all in all, it's a big time-saver on social media mgmt and at the same time, great for tracking latest industry content and trends. The Chrome Extension for the app also gives similar content recommendations to the page you are on besides allowing you to schedule the post based on current page.
Could there be a walk through video? Great stuff