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Finding relevant content daily, to stay updated with the industry or to curate for social presence, is a time-consuming chore that results in several man-hours lost for hundreds of millions of professionals and businesses worldwide. DrumUp is a content discovery and social media management app built to take this pain out of discovering relevant content daily and managing social media presence. Currently, over 75,000 social media posts are published every month through DrumUp, and 3000+ social accounts are registered on the app.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks Nichole for suggesting DrumUp! Cheers!
Just tested this. I must confess that i was reluctant to give away the content curation part to an AI. But i'm pleasantly surprised of the quality & relevancy of the links it finds based on the keywords.
@amvlad Thanks Alin! Very happy you liked DrumUp! :)
Wondering how this compares to Zootrock ?
@colinvincent Hi Colin, For one, we are super minimalistic - it'll probably take you under a minute to get started. More importantly, we are a content discovery product first and social second. You'll find the relevance of content we're able to pull out will be up there if not better than most products out there. Here are some of the things that you will love about DrumUp: - We are able to track micro-niches so as long as there is good content about your themes, we do a good job in helping it surface. - We learn from user interaction and your content streams will get even more relevant over time. - We fit into your social workflow so it's a one click scheduling of posts after the initial setup.
Great product, but I'm getting all results from the States, which I can't use - even though I've chosen United Kingdom - just something to be aware of I guess. Keep up the good work!
@travisleestreet Hi Travis, Thanks for the comments. Yes, the content we are analyzing right now is US centric, but we have plans of expanding the content sources to the UK soon. We are on it and will roll it out over the next few months.