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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
@nikkielizdemere · Moderator at Product Hunt
Finding relevant content daily, to stay updated with the industry or to curate for social presence, is a time-consuming chore that results in several man-hours lost for hundreds of millions of professionals and businesses worldwide. DrumUp is a content discovery and social media management app built to take this pain out of discovering relevant content daily… See more
Alin Vlad
@amvlad · Director of Online, Heimdal Security
Just tested this. I must confess that i was reluctant to give away the content curation part to an AI. But i'm pleasantly surprised of the quality & relevancy of the links it finds based on the keywords.
Colin Vincent
@colinvincent · Co-founder at Equity Directory
Wondering how this compares to Zootrock ?
Travis Lee Street
@travisleestreet · CoFounder of Poplink.io
Great product, but I'm getting all results from the States, which I can't use - even though I've chosen United Kingdom - just something to be aware of I guess. Keep up the good work!