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Congrats Guys, I tested it and backed it. I love it, the sound is awesome, you can bring it everywhere and it's super resistant. Looking forward to testing the electronic plugin.
Got one of the firsts, LOVE IT !
@goyer thank you so much!
We created the carboard drumkit in order to spread music practice. We quickly realized that you have either traditional drums or gaming alternatives but nothing in the middle able to address newbies, amateurs and pros at the same time. That is why we also worked hand in hand with pro drummers. We sold out entirely our first crafted production and now we are aiming for a manufactured one
@crspoon Very interesting project, great potential. One thing though, it's a pity you don't show real footage+audio of the kit in the main Kickstarter video. I had to scroll to find the one in the Paris metro. Just my opinion but it should be added in the first 15 sec of the main video, that's your wow moment...
@ppaslier Hi Pierre, thank you so much and you are so right! We have some more videos to come so we ll keep you posted! And it's true that we ve been working so much on the product that we forget sometimes all the 'wow' moments we should emphasize on! But thank you and stay tuned you ll get more videos soon :)
Hi, I am available to answer all questions about the drumkit :) we also have a DrumKID :)
Wow, great product in concept, affordable too! Interesting though, the drumset doesn't seem to have any substitute for cymbals? Am I wrong in thinking this, or is it something that we have to just roll with?