Grow your Instagram followers with automation for Free

Social Media Automation Tool

Follow and like by hashtags.

Follow and like by location.

Follow and like by user(s).

Send direct messages to all followers.

Currently on the Play Store (Android). Desktop (Windows, Linux, & macOS) is available now.

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Thanks for hunting, hate to be a drag but have you checked this doesn't violate any of Instagram's community guidelines? I remember reading somewhere that automated actions like follows etc are banned, which is why they limit the max. number of people you can follow / unfollow within a 30 min period @jeffrey_flynt
@abadesi Yes. The guidelines and terms specify the automated collection of data which this app does not do. Nor does this app utilize Instagrams API. There are also random rate limits built in so a user can’t just try to add 1,000 followers in a day.
@jeffrey_flynt So there’s a guarantee that an Instagram account will not get banned or removed because of solely using this app?
@faisal_hassanx That is correct because of the methods used to perform these functions. The app limits the actions that can be run and the timing is randomized. We tested 20 accounts over six months and continuously test. During testing while sending messages to followers, we got hit with a can't send any more messages for 24 hours, and we adjusted the code accordingly.
@jeffrey_flynt Nice. Will check it out soon. I run an account that’s growing rapidly and this would be perfect. I haven’t used any of the other apps out there because I’ve got a friend whose 500k plus followers account got blocked after she used an app similar to this.
Front page promotes "all systems" then inside: Apple MacOS: Coming Soon False advertising.
@iancapstick I will make the modification. There was a bug so it had to be pulled. It should be back up in a few hours. I want to convey you are not charged anything when signing up, only when you actively select and pay for a subscription.
Hey, this is a really cool idea. Have you thoroughly tested the messaging feature, because I know that messaging too many followers at once can result in negative consequences (aka your account gets deleted)
@richardobrien This is correct. There are rate limits built in for the different functions. The messaging feature is the most limited. If a user sends a message to all of their followers it will only send out one at a time and a daily max.
How is this different to let's say Combin. What are the main factors why would somebody choose Drulz over Combin? Would like to try it though once you launch for Mac. @jeffrey_flynt

A few years back you could find these types of apps everywhere, not so much lately. Glad to see a few are still out there.


Ig boosting!


The first day on the app I couldn't login. The latest update fixed it.