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Love services like this, but the problem is convenience. I've been using droplr and/or cloudup for years. Their mac apps make it stupid simple to share just about anything. Another problem: I can't abandon cloudup because they act as my archive ... my "dropbox". How I see it is: you're not really in the "Make image sharing stupid simple", you're in the "make it easy for people to switch" business. Solve those two problems and you'll have my business. :)
Great site! Simple, goes straight to the point, love it!
@youpinadi Thought so too, can't find contact info for them though.
@nikkielizdemere the maker is a member but can't comment. He is @httpete
Beautiful user experience. Slow goddamn clap.
Thank you @mutlu82 for posting drp.io and @nikkielizdemere to add me here ;) Here is an image gallery example http://drp.io/aee/bJZ/-/+ and a photo gallery example http://drp.io/aeg !
I like the simplicity but I don't see how it's better than imgur. Imgur is just as easy and anonymous, but I welcome competition!
@goeric imgur uploads are public, aren't they ?
@httpete That's true, so there's no plans for discovery? It's like an unlisted YouTube video?
@goeric Yep, it stays private !
@goeric @httpete Imgur uploads are private by default, and only made public if you either submit them to the gallery or change your settings/image settings http://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/a...-
@gerstenzang Thanks for clarification :)