The Visual Task Management App

DropTask is a visual task management app that gives you a simple and fluid way to get things done. Simplify task management with a clear view on status, progress and who’s working on what. Whether you prefer colorful circles or space-saving block-shaped tasks, DropTask gives you new ways to work smarter, not harder. Get started today for FREE.

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Adam Lieb
Adam Lieb@adamslieb · Founder/CEO @ Innervate
Their splash page is overwhelming. The screenshots of the product stress me out.
Adam Kazwell
Adam Kazwell@kaz · Product manager/observer
Agreed...I liked the idea of visualizing tasks in their various groups, but usability could be streamlined some more.
Kevin Li
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
Jason Shah
Jason Shah@jasonyogeshshah · Product Person
I explored the product a bit today. I, too, like the concept. But after playing a bit, I wonder if this is one of those cases where, intellectually, this seems exciting and a solution to suboptimal productivity, but when I failed to want to put the effort into creating projects, tasks, etc., the cognitive overhead drove me away. it made me wonder if a blank canvas will be the most sophisticated to do list we were ever meant to use.
Nishchal Kesarwani
Nishchal Kesarwani@nishchal_kesarwani · Founder of Chattodo and Todoed
@jasonyogeshshah check out www.todoed.co . Tell me if that makes sense to you.