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#5 Product of the DayMay 27, 2019
Grow your dropshipping store with minimum time and maximum productivity. Our app connects you to suppliers on AliExpress, then automate everything left. Unlike copy-&-paste Oberlo, you need only 1 click to fulfill all orders.
Available on Shopify & ShopBase
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Hello, I’m Chester from Boostflow. Today is a big day for our team as we’ve introduced Dropship Connector to all Product Hunters. On a special day like this, we’d love to make a toast and share to the world a few words. Dropship Connector is the result of years, pain and a lot of effort we put in while researching and running dropshipping businesses. We create Dropship Connector with the purpose of making dropshipping easier and better. So now you can just focus on what’s matter, let our app automate the rest. - Import winning products from AliExpress to your store within 5 secs - Fulfill multiples orders automatically in a click - Be up-to-date with order status in real time - Set your own rules for shipping methods and product prices And more premium features are coming very soon! Save up to 90% of your time, treble productivity and grow business 3x faster. Those are the real data of our own result as well as the goals we’ve aimed to help dropshipping business owners out there. Since this app is free for everyone, let be one of the first users and enjoy the productive working time. We’d love to know your experience, so don’t hesitate to let us know what do you think when using Dropship Connector. Your feedback is our treasure!

If you're starting out your dropshipping business, you won't find anything better.


Very easy to use, super convenient when I don't have to do manually import from AliExpress anymore. Great support.



Thanks a lot! I'm very happy to know that you've had great experience with our app
How does it compare with Oberlo? Weren't you afraid that the market is dominated by them? You are directly competing with Shopify.
Hi @sagarpatil, Thank for sharing your concern with us! Yes, a lot of dropshippers using Oberlo for their Shopify store, but it doesn't mean Oberlo is perfect. Oberlo users now still have to manually fulfill their orders one by one on AliExpress. Dropship Connector, quite the contrary, automate it all on the app dashboard, so dropshippers simply need to hit the button "Place multiple orders". Besides, one big reason that we're confident with our app is we're working on our app to build more exclusive features that hardly to find indropshipping apps out there. Hence, we don't compete with Oberlo or any other app, we provide dropshippers with our own unique and helpful features.
This is amazing. Do you happen to have a demo video on this? I’d love to share it with my 6/7 figure eCom friends 🔥
Hi @antonio_dmya, thank you so much! It's very kind of you to share our app with your friends. Right now, our team are working on our promote materials such as demo video. I'll send it to you after it's ready.
Nice app for dropshippers. Thanks!