Drops Travel Talk

Essential travel words and phrases, now at your fingertips

Today we released a special feature in our award-winning visual language learning app: Travel Talk -our new content module with the most common phrases you'll need to know to get around. If you're a digital nomad, adventurer or explorer - we have you covered!
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Really liking this. Currently in France and will definitely try it out during this trip.
@snall Good luck, any feedback is very much appreciated!

Drop Travel Talk is super easy to use with fun interactions that makes it so much more enjoyable to learn a new language. playing and learning - yey!


Easy to use and fun interactions!


Support more languages

Had so much fun trying this out, will use for my next trip to Sweden ✈️
@nelia_kleiven awesome, let me know how it worked out for you! :)
Why do you teach phrases like “menu, please” instead of “may I please have the menu?
@marit_saul Thans for the question! When you’re learning a language for travel, you’re working hard to prepare--there’s a lot to learn! That’s why we’ve aimed to make things simple for you with Travel Talk. The phrases we selected are the basics that will help you better enjoy your trip and get around in a foreign speaking country. When a language is new and you find yourself in a restaurant that doesn’t speak your language, it may be overwhelming to remember “may I please have the menu?” Recalling “menu, please” is much more realistic, and you’ll be perfectly understood. This philosophy is what’s behind Travel Talk. We want to help you build a foundation in the language and to help you learn enough of the language to have better experiences in your travels.

Keep on updating the app with new and useful parts like the Travel Talk!


Most useful app especially as a tourist!


I don't use other language apps