Practice languages in Augmented Reality! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

Learn the fundamental words of 28 language in your augmented reality via beautiful artistic low-poly 3D models! Drops is an effortless, visual language learning app which is loved by millions of language learners and Apple: featured in 100+ countries.

Android Beta is coming soon!

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14 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH crowd, we built this effortless visual language learning tool which is a godsend for those who procrastinated picking up a new language. And the AR practice addition brings the fun to a whole new level :)

I've tried any language learning app I could my hands on, but this is really the one I've benefitted from the most. Have a subscription, and it's totally worth it.


Such a cool idea. Use Drops all the time and this should be even better


Please add Armenian!

Looks like a nice app! I'm wondering, can I try this on my 6s or do I need the new gizmo from this year?
@zcserei yes, definitely! The AR function is available for all ARkit enabled devices: iPhone 6S and above, 2017 iPad, iPad pros, etc). Although 6s is the minimum it runs decently on it!
Been using Drops for some time now. Absolutely the best way to learn a language on the move. Keep up the great work @farkasdan
Tried many AR apps but finally, this one makes really sense. Nice job
@tamasszakal yup, Drops' signature visual teaching method and swipe based navi is an ideal base for AR. But we are just scratching the surface of potentials with this practice mode. A crazy new learning module is coming for Chinese and Japanese learners in January ;)
@farkasdan "crazy new learning module is coming for Chinese and Japanese" writing practice ???! 😍
@eszter_balogh It's classified ;)