Automate anything via drag & drop using Python.

You can use anything you can drag & drop on macOS as input for DropPy: Files & folders, emails, calendar items, images, URLs, images on websites, rich & plain text, ...

DropPy pulls out all contained data and passes it through a series of reusable Python scripts (Tasks). Order and parameters are defined using a simple JSON format (Workflows).

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Holy shit! I gonna scrap all of the internet. (and some bot job.)
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Can you give some examples on some interesting use cases?
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@shantianyun For inspiration you can take a look at the bundled Workflows at https://docs.droppyapp.com/workf...
I like it.
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Thanks for sharing @eberl_se 😸 What made you build DropPy?
@amrith Personal frustration :) I often felt there was a connection missing between GUI elements (and the data they represent) and access through a real, modern programming language.
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What is the reason to not having this on the macOS store? I feel more confident buying from the macOS store.
@n_events And I'd love to have DropPy on the macOS App Store. The exposure it would get would more than make up for the 30% "Apple tax". However for the time being there is no possibility to not violate app sandboxing. DropPy needs to execute your arbitrary code, maybe starting external applications, or reading files from any location on your filesystem. Maybe this changes in the future though. Hoping for sensible announcements by Apple at WWDC18...
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