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Hi guys! Co-founder of Droppie here. I was hoping to get some feedback on this new thing we’ve been working on for quite some time called Droppie. Droppie changes the rules and conventions of content sharing. What Droppie does is plainly simple : you take a photo at a certain location, be that a cafe, restaurant, bar or school. It can be anywhere you want. You “drop” it – which is another way of saying that you leave your photo wherever it was taken. It stays in that bar, school, cafe – and waits until another Droppie user discovers the spot – and most importantly, the photo you left behind. He then “picks” the drop with his digital gadget and has a unique single chance to reply. The alternative is to never see the drop, or its author, again. It binds photo-communication with geo-location, available to everyone. It’s basically like a game for free that you can play during your everyday travel routines. It’s boundless and anyone can join in. It creates collections of unique photos stored at certain locations, free for anyone with the app to discover and reply to. Looking forward hearing from you all! :) Ask me anything! Marek.
@marek_Sandor hey! My team and I created Knit [http://www.producthunt.com/posts...] last year, so we're big fans of this type of idea. Currently in the experimental stage for Knit 2.0. I love this spin on this kind of thing. Just wanted to say good luck! Adoption/onboarding was our biggest hurdle.
"Just snap a photo, add a caption and leave it wherever you are. Once someone walks by the location of your Drop, they can pick it up. People can directly reply and the fun begins!" I love the fact you have to be in a specific location to interact with a drop, makes it kinda adventurous. I do really wonder what the map is going to look like (and what the interaction is going to) at a festival, like Coachella. Maybe @rrhoover can try it out ;)