Family & friends scheduler

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Fantastic app - easy to use, everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when and the control freak in me can keep an eye on them all!
Essentially Droppa is a social (family and friends) scheduler which gives the user access to their contacts schedules and their contacts access to theirs. Obviously you can't see each others schedules but upon actioning the "drop" it gives users the ability to input events etc into each others schedules. Also the "Accept & Notify" function allows users to inform others of their arrangements on a "need to know" basis whether directly involved or not. In addition each "drop" becomes its own little chatroom enabling the co-respondents to chat privately about the event in question. Droppa is personal calendar that contacts can "drop" into rather than a multi-user calendar that needs to be subscribed to. It is operated by "push" AN NOT email. Therefore it operates on contacts phone numbers in a similar way to WhatsApp.