Dropout Jobs

A daily job aggregator for those who skipped college

Dropout Jobs helps people in tech who haven’t attended/dropped out college find jobs.

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Not everyone that leaves college immediately starts a company. Some of those that do later find themselves burnt out from their first due to a lack of experience. I wanted to create a way for people who didn’t finish school to get a job in tech, whether entry level or not. So I came up with Dropout Jobs.

Dropout > Non Dropout

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.


Super Website. Shows Kids there is an alternative to uni.

And that being a dropout is no bad thing.



Thank you, @markiatheus. I love this idea! it could give more & more people some different, new angles to see things like education, degree and I do want to share this project with my friends! * I found the website's link is broken.
@simon_peng ** A little glitch, I’ll have it back online by today 🙂
I don’t see Kanye; I see a black male. That’s an absolutely horrible representation. Also, now that I know it’s supposed to be Kanye, I hate it even more.
@pixelmelter Kanye West wrote the College Dropout. Kanye West dropped out of art college. The App is Called "Dropout Jobs" Being Black is completely irrelevant. You thinking that a) black people are drop outs b) being a drop out is a bad thing says more about you than anyone else. #Kanye2020
Is this no longer available? That was quick