Easiest way to create and share image galleries online

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Really like the interface once I figured it out, but hard to see why I would use this instead of just linking to a Dropbox or Google Drive image folder, which already turns it into a shared gallery. This seems like an extra step for most. Though, it does have it's advantages if you want to create one-offs. An aside, delete is a bit buggy. Had to delete individual images, before deleting the mocklist. Otherwise it would just "delete..." forever.
@asherraph I use it exactly for that: "one-offs". It's definitely not a replacement for Dropbox. Sometimes I just want to fire something off quickly to someone and I use dropmocks.
@erictwillis this would have been a great tool in my previous job that I quit. We deal with a lot of artwork that needs to be sent back and forth quickly (editing & such) & a lot of ppl I deal with are not tech oriented and just sending them them as you say "one-offs" would be less of a hassle for me and them having to deal with dropbox and so on. I would see it perfect for this use case
@k_roushdy I use it for quick mockups. As easy as dropbox is for us, there are others that really struggle with it. I agree.
Hi Eric, very nice tool and intrigued by its simplicity. It all works fine for me, but the sharting URLs I get, simply bring up a default Dropmocks page without my images - here's one http://dropmocks.com/mHOVnE - if I click it I see this: - what am I doing wrong?
@RobinGood I clicked the link you posted and I see a woman at a desk with glasses hanging off her nose.
@erictwillis Good. Then it must be my browser. Thanks for the prompt feedback. - Now working fine on my end too. Great tool. Added to T5.