Liquid expressions simplified

If you're a Shopify designer or a Ruby on Rails developer that uses Liquid, then you know that writing Liquid is hard! 🤬Dropkiq has your back! We make sure your Liquid doesn't contain any errors and is correct on your first try. 😊
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Cool tool Adam! Nice to see you making new products. Cheers 🍻
@ritec Thanks, Ri! It feels great to quit my job and go after this full time!
@akdarrah Godspeed my friend! You've got this.
Hi everyone 👋! I'm the creator of Dropkiq, which is a tool to help people who write Liquid (From Shopify https://shopify.github.io/liquid/). This could be a Shopify Designer, or Ruby on Rails application. I discovered this pain point at my corporate day job. Even for people that had worked with Liquid for years, it was still a TON of guesswork. Trying expressions to see if they worked over and over... and then not getting it right until an hour later... 🤬 Many people lacked the confidence to even try to write a correct Liquid expression. I don't blame them! It's hard and there is often no way to know if you got it right without a lot of work! Dropkiq is here to solve this problem. We help you understand what dynamic data you have available to you at the time you're writing your content, and give you immediate feedback so you know if there are any problems! Are you someone who writes liquid (either on Shopify or on your own Ruby on Rails application)? We are currently accepting a limited number of early access customers. Join the wait list on https://www.dropkiq.com/ to lock in your place in line! I'm also happy to answer any questions! 😀