Leave messages where you travel for others to discover

A drop is a message or a photo that you leave at your current location. Other people can see drops you leave behind, and you can discover drops near you. Everything on dropdrop is centered around location, so drops are relevant and timely. Discover and share drops with those around you.

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My grandparents hid pennies around places they traveled with photo clues to hint at its whereabouts. I guess this is the millennial version of that.
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Hi guys! Founder of dropdrop here. I'm excited to hear everyone's feedback on our messaging app. We really wanted to connect online communication with the real world by associating messages and photos to a real place and time. We have an extensive road map laid out for upcoming features, including video and the ability to pick up and move drops. It's a very open platform, so the implications for use are really up to the individual. We've seen people leave surprise messages for their friends at a place they know they frequent. We've seen tips for locals dropped at different establishments. And we're working out rules for an upcoming scavenger hunt using drops. For the technically inclined, you can think of drops as Bluetooth beacons without the hardware. You determine the duration and radius of each drop you create. We've seen accuracy up to 10 meters. I'm looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask me anything!
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@craigphares Love the idea. Its so interactive with reality
@stefan_kojouharov thanks! Have fun with it! We've got some cool features on the horizon.
This is a cool idea, but I am curious how will you crack the install challenge? Especially if this is an app that only works in very special cases, and far in-between?
@tribaling Great question! As with any platform that relies on user-generated content, you need critical mass for it to be useful. We've tried to make the on-boarding process as easy as possible. We're using Facebook to tap into users' existing social network. Although there are very special cases, there are a lot of different very special cases, so there is the potential to have content generated for a wide variety of reasons.
Interesting idea! Reminds me of of when i was younger i would hide notes around payphones in airports for my friend to find the next time they were in that airport..
@drawby that is exactly the type of fun and surprising experience we are hoping for!
Interesting idea. The peculiar use case of this product could be for long Trails / Thru Hikes / adventure parks where you would probably need help. (something I've seen happening at the PCT). Just trying to understand how will it apply for known places / cities.
@pratikg_ I can definitely see this used on trails and outdoor exploration. Within cities, it could be very personal, with private messages left at frequented locations, or more broad, leaving graffiti around a city. We really aren't promoting any single use case over another. We can't wait to see how you use this for hiking!