Drop Shot

Save screenshots to Dropbox on your iPhone

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Pretty simple app that lets you quickly upload screenshots to dropbox. The app creates a folder for you called 'screenshots' and then places all your selected screenshots inside for you. It then gives you the option to batch delete all those shots from your phone which makes it a good cleaning tool for your camera roll.
FYI, Carousel by Dropbox already handles screenshot backups to your storage, and also reminds you to delete images (including said screenshots) off your device if they exist in your Dropbox account.
been wanting something like that, was precisely thinking about it yesterday. all the screenshots management app i have seen only offer to delete them. but most of the time i want to keep track of them somewhere. i just wish Apple simply solved this by putting screenshots in a separate folder/album backed up in in icloud there is a workflow recipe that does the same too. btw the app crashes a lot.
This is something simple that I have wanted the ability to do. I have it set up on my Mac and the ability to do it on my phone will be very helpful.
It would be fantastic if I could delete images I don't upload from within the app. It helped me identify lots that I don't want to upload, but also don't want to have to go back through my Camera Roll to find and delete myself.