Drop A Deuce

Shitty app that allow you to drop poop emojis on pictures.

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Thanks for checking out Drop A Deuce @drop_deuce (Twitter) My name is @DerickDowns. Short bio for those who don’t know me: I am a certified Google Adwords / Analytics professional with a passion for technology, innovation, and having fun. I started this app and a funny game app, but had a really hard time getting it approved with Apple. So on version 1.0 I stripped down the functionality in order to please them. Versions 2.0 and above will be fun game once I make the changes they want and resubmit. Along with the app comes a new service where we will Drop A Glitter Bomb Deuce for you. How does it work? 1) Users buys Deuce Bomb http://www.dropadeuce.wtf/produc... 2) User fills out the secret note, provides the address to send the deuce bomb 3) We package it with Glitter, your note, and a piece of shit (chocolate shit that is) 4) We mail out the bomb from an anonymous source via mail. After we hope you download the app and take a picture of their reaction while you drop a digital deuce on them!
Also for all @producthunt users, please use coupon code: producthunt15 in order to save 15% on any Drop A Deuce Bombs at: http://www.dropadeuce.wtf/. Deuce Bombs contain: a Note, Glitter, and Poop (chocolate). Great April Fools Day Prank! Thanks @cmwilson15 for the submission.