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Hi guys! I'm one of the founders of Drop. Let me tell you a bit more about the app: We believe that being matched with relevant information has nothing to do with sharing all your personal data. What is our goal: Drop is going to be an anonymous blockchain p2p platform for direct interaction. We are building a blockchain identity management system that is going to enable you to only interact with content & people relevant for YOU – completely anonymous. What drop is right now: Drop is a social network for nerds & geeks sharing our values: - anonymity rules! - Quality before quantity - Individuality before generalization - Self determination before dictates - My data & identity is mine and mine alone. - Getting access to relevant content & information has nothing to do with sharing my personal data with anyone. - I want to decide for myself what kind of information I get to see. Right now, Drop lets you create picture, post & chat rooms that can only be unlocked with the right contribution. These locks are user-generated. You can create rooms to crowd source picture collections, wikis or start a themed community group and surround yourself with like-minded people. You are completely anonymous and can decide for yourself what kind of people & content become part of your room or collection. What we are working on: We want to create an identity management system using blockchain technology. You will be able to manage your information, data and who gets to see what yourself – absolutely transparent. Soon, you will be able to stack the locks super conveniently for an even higher level of security. This will not only maintain but further ensure the integrity of your peer group. Our locks are modules that can be created by third party developers (you?) to multiply the various lock types quickly: be it AI locks, chat bot locks or any other technology you can imagine.