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Ian Smith
Ian SmithMaker@iansmith · Founder @DronesPodcast, ex-@DroneDeploy
Hey everyone. This is an extremely exciting launch for us all at @DroneDeploy. The App Market was something that was planned from the earliest stages of the company (check out the seed funding article on TechCrunch) and now we're finally here. Today, post-series B, DroneDeploy powers tens of thousands of drone operators across 135 countries who have collectively mapped more than 8 million acres of the planet. DroneDeploy is cloud-based mapping software for drones—and today becomes the world's first and largest drone data platform. We've opened up a rich set of javascript-based APIs that any developer can take advantage of to build apps and integrations directly inside of DroneDeploy, across all devices (iOS app update should be approved by Apple soon). We offer developers easy monetization options for apps as well, should they choose. Think Salesforce App Exchange for drone data. We've launched with 15 different app developer partners and 20 total apps, ranging from being able to automatically sync your aerial construction site data directly to Autodesk, generating a drone flight based on your corn field's boundaries from John Deere, and staying compliant and aware of airspace by using the AirMap integration while planning your flights. There are also several developers who excel at CV and ML. EZ3D have made an app, powered by AI, that provides insurance companies automated roof inspections from their drone orthomosaics and TensorFlight built the Orchard Intelligence app that analyzes and counts orchards with a click of a button from inside your DroneDeploy account and returns results in minutes. Drone data is becoming more useful every day but there have always been many missing links. We're thrilled to have taken this giant leap for the industry. Fly safe!
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams@j_r_wi11iams · Director of Marketing, ExecVision
@iansmith @dronedeploy Congrats on finally getting this up and running.
Ian Smith
Ian SmithMaker@iansmith · Founder @DronesPodcast, ex-@DroneDeploy
Andy Putch
Andy Putch@andyputch · CEO & Cofounder at FreeSkies
This is huge! Very excited to see cross-company collaboration on this level and I'm looking forward to seeing the value created for commercial drone operators.
jonathan@hegranes · Maker / Founder @kittyhawkio
Love the direction taken by @DroneDeploy, and excited to have @Kittyhawkio be part of the launch.
Joan Reyes
Joan Reyes@joan_reyes
Jeff Rogers
Jeff Rogers@j3ffr0g3rs
Congratulations Mike & Jono! Amazing to see this after our conversations years ago...