Imagery & video flyovers via drone

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Cool, I can see a new profession emerging here: flying cameraman :) Also a solution that addresses worldwide concerns about domestic drones (if a company engages its own responsibility, there are less risks of privacy abuse)
Drone flyovers feel somewhat magical (check out TravelByDrone) and there are several use cases for on-order drone flyovers (selling a home, epic wedding footage, etc.).
h/t @joshconstine in his TC article.
I could definitely see a service like this for geological surveying or tracking massive development projects.
I wonder what kind/how much insurance you would need for flying these over, let's say, a residential neighborhood? You can easily use it to see into a window or skylight where a home owner would have an expectation of privacy. I wonder if there's been any 'test cases' of these that have been taken to court?
DroneBase raises from Union Square to pay any pilot for aerial footage - http://tcrn.ch/2gdsWVH