Control your Tello Drone with a keyboard effortlessly.

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Thanks for hunting, Levent. Hi Everyone! I have developed a Drone Keyboard project which provides to control the Tello drone from this special keyboard. It is built for achieving maximum performance on drone control and video stream. I would like to point out that the app. I developed runs better than the Tello drone's own application. Of course, it was published as open source. You can download the App or run it in your local. App: Github: I would be very happy if you share your comments and thoughts. 🙌
Thanks Doğukan. Your open source project and Edelkorone office very nice! 😉
@sacittuna I'm so glad you like it!
Both project and edelkrone office are great. Great job! Congratulations!
Great job Doğukan! It looks like we're playing a computer game in real life. Sit on the couch, and walk around the rooms with your keyboard :) Fantastic!
@bilalltas Thanks. I have been working on this for a long time, I am pleased with positive reviews.
Cool project! Thinking about buying a Tello soon.