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The iOS8 keyboard with all the hottest Drake verses

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Regy Perlera
Regy PerleraMaker@perlerar · Design at Nike. Building Featured
Thanks for picking us up John! out here representing 1/2 of Drizzy, our first keyboard for iOS! The past two and a half months have been crazy. Long, sleepless nights of listening to Drake for HOURS. Talk about dedication. Amirite? Would love to hear everyone's comments and answer questions people may have about designing, developing, or working with keyboards. Also, if you have any lyrics recommendations, feel free to add them here! They can be updated pretty frequently. Excited to finally get this out!
John Exley
John ExleyHunter@johnexley · Sales, Yieldmo
@perlerar The Spotify integration is cool, I like linking all the Drake lines to the songs they came from. I feel like that adds context for the culturally uninitiated who are on the receiving end of my Drizzy keyboard usage. Curious how you and @lucsucces came up with the categories? Also, where you can take future versions? Could we get Drake memes? Would audio snippets make sense for texting? Also, one request: I'd love a "Trending" or "Popular" category for the Drake lines that are used the most by the Drizzy keyboard community.
Regy Perlera
Regy PerleraMaker@perlerar · Design at Nike. Building Featured
After listening to all the albums and tracks probably 1000x, we started to get a general theme for most of Drake's verses. We didn't want to break them down into too many categories because it would've involved a searching! These 5 seemed to be the best fit for V1. We'll probably expand them later on. As for future versions, the possibilities are endless. New Artists, Trending verses, curated celebrity memes to complement lyrics, and audio are all things we've thought about ;) A huge thing we're excited about is making this completely interactive by having people submit their own lyrics and have the top 10 most upvoted be added to the keyboard!
Patrick Rogers
Patrick Rogers@mrpatrickrogers · Developer @realm
Yes. Such a great keyboard idea.
Akram Hussein
Akram Hussein@ahussein
LOVE THIS. Nice work guys, really enjoying using it. Slick. Also, nice idea with the video in the onboarding. Can I tip you anywhere?
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
One word: Amazing.