Simple paywall & micropayment add-on for your website.

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A simple add-on which allows website owner to individually paywall content. Add-on allows website visitor to micropay anywhere between 5 to 15 cents to access a paywalled content.
@kwdinc I keep getting the following error when trying to sign up "Email must have the same domain name as your website: john@domain.com for http://domain.com"
@jewishbro If you want to register as a website owner, use an email associated with the domain name of the website you own. To register as a user, you can sign up with facebook or your regular email. Go to https://zen.market/website-visit... and click "Get Started".
@jewishbro you can also just click the lock button on any page to open the widget that lets you sign in
@jewishbro @kwdinc @domain @klyburke Homepage was designed for website owners, so if you own website, in order to verify ownership, you have to use an email address associated with your domain. If you're a website visitor (a micropaying party), click grey lock icon in the right bottom corner of any webpage on zen.market and register/login on the widget.
Hi everyone, founder is here. Kevin, thanks for an unexpected submission =] Kelly, thanks for replies.
Demo for paywalled content: http://asiatoworld.com/2016/03/0... Login at the widget dashboard: Email: demo@getdrizzle.com Password: demo
Nice job guys, works well. I found I didn't know immediately where to look once I clicked the pay 5c button. I think I was perhaps expecting a popup, not a sidebar. The notification caught my attention but I did have an instant of confusion. Once you've done it once though, you know where to look.
@kodemunki Thanks Jurgen! We can make a notification a bit more prominent. Thanks for feedback, let me know if you have any other ideas.
If you'd like to demo the paywall as a website visitor, please go to: http://asiatoworld.com/2016/03/0... You'll see blocked content and a button to pay 5 cents. Click it and sign in. Email: demo@zen.market Password: demo
@klyburke @zen @kwdinc the way demo works, after you buy content, a paywall is disabled, after 30 sec paywall is enabled again. So if you see paywall is disabled (someone else just bought the content), so wait 30 sec and refresh the webpage.