Driver Talk

Send/receive messages between drivers via license plate nos.

#5 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2018

Driver Talk let's you to send/receive messages from drivers by license plate numbers, safely, without publicly exposing your contact info.

To know if:

- Your car is getting damaged/towed

- Its raining & your sunroof/windows are open

- Ask someone to unplug/move their EV so you can charge

- You want to know where someone had their car customized

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This would only work if you are able to map license plate number to a mobile number. This would never work if you only rely on enough people registering to the service in order to be in the same "car social network". If I try to send a message to someone just by taking a chance that this license plate is registered in the service I would probably have a better chance at winning the lottery. I see 2 possible use cases: Getting access to a registry that reveals the identity of a person: In Norway where I live this is actually public information. I can create a service that looks up registry number and I would get the name of the owner back. Secondly I could then look up in another public register to get the mobile number of that owner. This way you could then actually message the owner of the car, without the owner having registered to your service. I doubt though that other countries has similar public registries as Norway. But anyway, if you want to test this idea Norway is a good geographical location. Using this service for Business: I haven't thought about it but maybe there are some possibilities in transportation. Let's say trucks transporting goods has some kind of benefit of having an anonymous network where they can communicate through their licence plates. You would probably have to talk to the company owners if there is some need here.
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@mariuslian yes, unfortunately in most countries this is not accessible, public information. That's why I think crowd sourcing is the only way to grow this.
@mariuslian @konthetweeter The challenge is similar with matchmaking app models. People may not interact with each other, even if they sign up, and never get a feel for the app. I feel like there needs to be a larger incentive.
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@mariuslian Exactly. Useless at the moment.
@mariuslian @konthetweeter Maybe create a friends and family network first so that you build the community of drivers. Then go with the long term vision of creating a "Nextdoor" for drivers.
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Holy shit, on the surface this idea sounds amazing. Since I started driving I have been dumbfounded by the limits of communication between drivers—turn signals, high beams, and the horn, that’s it? and we wonder why road rage is a problem?! I have envisioned a world in which I can send “sorry” or “thank you” messages to other drivers around me when needed. I also see a ton of potential for indicating our intentions to other drivers around us. Basic additions to intervehicle communication would improve the efficiency, safety, and experience of driving for everyone.
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@pocketfreud An engineer on youtube "Mark Rober" tackled this limit by adding 3 additional horns to his car, to serve as a way to communicate to other drivers without sounding so angry:
While I like the idea of communicating to drivers, I would hate to be driving on a highway and then get a text from a car that said "thanks for letting me merge." I'd rather get a wave from someone, than know they just started texting and driving to thank me.
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@tystelmach For sure agree, no need for 1-to-1 messaging. But something as simple as a rear-window LED message could be cool. Thanks for sharing Mark Rober ! I love it
Interesting concept @konthetweeter 🚗 I can totally see the use case for this. Is this being actively used in any major city so far? How do you plan on growing this? Also, it'd be cool to have mobile apps 🙌
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@amrith growth is the biggest challenge - since I can't just tap into the DMV database, it has to be crowd sourced.
Great job!! 😊 Such an unique concept !! Would love to follow this service closely.
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@ayush_chandra Thank you! Feel free to register, start using it and tell your friends!
I may not be getting it but doesn't this mean you are texting and driving? Even if not designed that way, it would be used this way. Can't advocate for something that gets people killed.
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@delwilliams You're absolutely right - this is not intended to be used while driving. In fact, I've just updated the site with wording to indicate a driver should NOT be messaging while driving. Safety first!