A lightweight engine to drive user's focus across the page

#5 Product of the WeekMarch 12, 2018

A lightweight (~4kb gzipped) yet powerful JavaScript engine that helps you drive the user's focus on page. Some sample use-cases can be creating powerful feature introductions, call-to-action components, focus shifters etc.

Driver is compatible with all the major browsers and can be used for any of your overlay needs. Feature introductions, focus shifters, call-to-action are just a few examples.

πŸ”† Highlight any (literally any) item on page

βœ‹ Block user interactions

πŸ“£ Create feature introductions

πŸ‘“ Add focus shifters for users

πŸ› οΈ Highly customizable – Use it anywhere for overlay

⌨️ User Friendly – Controllable by keys

πŸ†“ MIT Licensed – Free for personal and commercial use

πŸ•ŠοΈ Lightweight – Only ~4kb when gzipped

πŸŒ€ Consistent behavior across all major browsers

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Looks like a complete copy of Intro.js. How does this differ?
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@jesse_wallace I guess you based your opinion just upon "Quick Tour" on top of the page. It is much more than just "Tours" and "Introductions". I know intro.js and was planning to use that in my application but that doesn't come close to what I wanted, let me explain why. Unlike intro.js which is only for introductions, you can use this one at any place where you want some sort of overlay for the page. For example, in the application that I am working on, I had several places where I wanted to put an overlay on top of the whole page, except a component (the way facebook does while creating posts), I couldn't do that with intro.js. I wanted the hooks to manipulate the highlighted element for when it is highlighted or the highlight is removed, again couldn't do that with intro.js I wanted to shift the user's focus to some component on the page in my app and then remove the overlay once it has been done, couldn't do that. And on top of all that, intro.js isn't free for commercial use. Driver.js is MIT licensed, is community driven and free for both personal and commercial use. I scratched my own itch with it.
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I want to highlightβ€”againβ€”the fact that it's MIT licensed. This is huge for tiny/new devs like myself. Thank you Kamran!
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This looks great, thanks πŸ‘Š
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incredible work, congratulations





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This is pretty cool. The highlighted popovers have some great use cases, looking forward to playing with this. +1 on MIT license as well!
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Has potential
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