Rewards for better driving in India

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DrivePower is an app that allows you to:

- SAVE MONEY: Make simple changes to your driving style to reduce your fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

- DRIVE SMARTER: Enhance driving by tracking your harsh braking, acceleration and prevent wear and tear on your vehicle.

- SHARE & COMPARE: Connect with friends and family by sharing your stats

Stapho Thienpont
Sonny De Meester
Mikhail Semikov
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  • Pros: 

    Stops you from breaking road laws ! A virtual fear for your mind to follow the rules and let every one driving safe


    No cons i hope for now

    Would be reviewing again ! If soo

    Pranav S Khodanpur has used this product for one day.
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Ivan Shornikov
Ivan ShornikovMaker@ivanshornikov · CEO - Raxel Telematics
Hi Product Hunt 👋, I'm Ivan, CEO of Raxel Telematics based in Singapore. On behalf of the hardworking team, I want to share with you one of the projects we are working on that we think will have a great impact in a much needed region with our technology. India has one of the highest numbers of road traffic deaths per year on the entire planet. We're here to change that and help India become one of the safer places on the roads. How? Well, we think good drivers should get rewarded. And that's what we do with our app! We use the smart sensors from the DrivePower App to help guide drivers with tips. Drivers can also join challenges like 'Make 25 consecutive trips within the speed limit' & they can participate in surveys about the vehicle's performance, comfort and ease of use within the car. Happy to answer any questions and hear your thoughts!
Animesh Gulati
Animesh Gulati@animesh_gulati
@ivanshornikov the app works great, it would be even better if the dashboard could be expanded to see where the points were deducted or how to modify our driving habits to make it even safer. There are a few other little bugs too, but over all app works fine.
Ivan Shornikov
Ivan ShornikovMaker@ivanshornikov · CEO - Raxel Telematics
@animesh_gulati Great feedback! thanks. we will add Driving behaviour analysis and how it impacts on road accident soon.
Giulia Cian Seren
Giulia Cian Seren@madavvero · Growth consultant
This is such a well executed, good idea. Really wish it was available in Singapore! As a suggestion for the next releases, it would be interesting for me as a user to see the map of my past trips. Keep up the good work!
Ivan Shornikov
Ivan ShornikovMaker@ivanshornikov · CEO - Raxel Telematics
@madavvero that's a great suggestion and something in the roadmap for next release. Have a great Friday!
Stapho Thienpont
Stapho Thienpont@stapho_thienpont
Really liked the messenger bot you guys made for this! Really smooth experience!
Casie Millhouse-Singh
Casie Millhouse-SinghMaker@casielane1
Hey @stapho_thienpont! Thanks for playing with the bot. It was really an experiment that did pretty well for pre-launch. I give all the credit to the maker of the gif with the guy in speedos at the petrol pump.... where ever he may be.
Jasmeek Singh
Jasmeek Singh@jasmeek_singh
I have downloaded but soon will be providing my experience but on the face of it looks like a great product
Ivan Shornikov
Ivan ShornikovMaker@ivanshornikov · CEO - Raxel Telematics
@jasmeek_singh that is great!!! That you downloaded this app. Let me know your experience!
Pranav S Khodanpur
Pranav S Khodanpur@pranav_s_khodanpur
Thats good thing up there would be looking forward if this could reach everyone out there driving on roads ✌️✌️😊
Ivan Shornikov
Ivan ShornikovMaker@ivanshornikov · CEO - Raxel Telematics
@pranav_s_khodanpur yeah, that is our goal! :-)