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I like the concept. This is good for people that know what car they want. I didn't see an option to schedule a test drive. It would be amazing if they brought the car out to the customers location for them to test drive/check out before they commit to the purchase. Is that something you plan on incorporating in the future?
@aamerjomaa that's a great suggestion. currently, we are focused on nailing the purchase experience, because dealerships do a pretty good job with test drives. However, scheduling test drives seems like a no-brainer feature to add soon!
@aamerjomaa my initial thoughts, getting the car to the customer might be "too much". But thinking about how customers buy, i would be very interested on seeing how that would affect sales. The fact that the customers would see the car they're thinking about all the time, on their driveway would probably give them a big push.
What is a good zip code I can enter with some known pre-registered dealerships? I'm outside your beta area in Portland, but i'd like to poke around a bit.
@johannbenedikt I got 94010 to work.
@johannbenedikt 95136 works, too. The UX is great, is this how it feels like to buy a Tesla? cc @akrane
@raywu @johannbenedikt similar to tesla ecommerce concept, but actual UI closer to buying an iPhone on Apple's website.
@johannbenedikt the zip code in San Francisco is 94115. We want to meet Portland dealers if you know any!
As a former car salesman, I always knew there was a better way to the car buying process. Most customers know what they're looking for. I dabbled in another solution but this does it. If you guys want to launch in Canada, happy to help. Congrats @akrane!
@sluu thank you for the support, always good to get reinforcement from industry experts.
how is this better than submitting a low offer on truecar?
@passingnotes Drive offers 10x the transparency and convenience of TrueCar. Whereas TrueCar lets you submit a low offer that the dealer may or may not actually fulfill, Drive lets you simply see a good price and buy that car directly online at the click of a button. Simple ecommerce, no haggling.
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Go Aaron!