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David Ford
David Ford@daveofthefuture · Karma
just downloaded it! can't wait to go through it and follow along as you guys work on it. i love cars, from old school to future concepts, and it's fun keeping up with the industry. i hope this can become my go-to :D
Anton Bolotov
Anton BolotovMaker@antonbolotov · Founder of Drive
@daveofthefuture Thank you Dave. We'll do our best to meet your expectations!
Anton Bolotov
Anton BolotovMaker@antonbolotov · Founder of Drive
Hi Product Hunters! Thanks for hunting @bramk! We originally started business doing online car news and a car social network, 8 years ago in Eastern Europe. Now, with a strong international team, we have a 15M monthly audience. The current news consuming experience is unpleasant on a mobile device because of the "write-at-least-3-paragraphs" and "we-need-more-pageviews” strategy that is carried over from traditional media. Most of the news can actually be explained in 2 to 3 sentences. And we do it! Drive’s professional editors create each story in 360 characters at most, with a few hi-res pictures. We provide a simple, one-screen user experience. And we are the first professional media to use emojis! 😏 We’d love to hear any feedback, especially from people who are into cars. Thanks!
Michael Goldman
Michael Goldman@michael_goldman2
Thanks for sharing. Happy to see more automotive enthusiasts on Product Hint. Just got it and looking forward to find a way to collaborate