Drippler 3.0

Smart tech assistant powered by a community of experts & AI

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Thanks @nireyal and hi @everyone! Looking forward to your feedback and questions! Drippler is reimagining consumer Tech-Support, leveraging AI and a community of tech experts to provide a frictionless digital experience. If you’re a geek, you probably know what it’s like to help the people around you with their tech. “My bluetooth doesn’t connect…”, “What podcast app do you recommend?”, “How do I sync my contacts?” and the list goes on. After years of helping everyone around us, we decided to find a scalable solution to support not only our friends and families, but also the rest of the world. We started out by building what we call “predictive tech-support” — a smart recommendation engine to educate people and help them discover everything they need to know about their smart and connected devices. These personalized tips, ranging from new features through usage tips to app recommendations, have helped tens of millions of people through our top rated Android and iPhone apps and site. Over the past few months, we’ve been focused on building out the next generation of Drippler, which adds “on-demand tech-support” to the experience, allowing users to ask tech questions and get assistance with technical issues. To do that, we’re updating Drippler to a conversational UI and introducing Wiz — your personal tech assistant. Wiz is always there at your fingertips to help out and provide recommendations. Wiz is programmed to identify and answer tech questions, and is constantly learning and getting smarter. In cases where Wiz is short on an answer he matches you up to chat with an expert. Our experts or “Tech Wizards” as we call them, are the geeks and early adopters from Drippler’s large community, who are not only passionate about tech but also believe in Drippler’s mission and love leveraging their knowledge to help others out. Cheers!
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Clippy for your mom's phone. Definitely filling a serious gap out there.
@nireyal @talmixed @ronenyacobi @dotangalron
This is awesome, @talmixed! I really like how you've been evolving the Drippler App.
@talbensimon Thanks! Would be great to get your inputs (as one of the first people I know to launch a chatbot...)
You took two of my favorite things (AI and chatbots) and made a great product. I'm a fan of Drippler from the early days and it's amazing to see how you keep working hard and revealing new and cool products.
@urieli17 Thanks! We're fans of Gadgety :-) Ping me if you guys want to cover this launch
@talmixed sure :) send me an email and we will take it from there.
Huge HUGE fan of drippler ever since I got my Android phone. Gonna test drive this cool looking update ASAP