Make Your Smartphone Awesome

I've been using @Drippler for several months now and find it to be a well-designed and useful app to pick up relevant tips based on my specific device. I also really like their notifications--the sound + graphic are simple and great. Wonder if we can get @talmixed on PH to talk more about his vision for the future of Drippler and what can be done with the data.
@Noah_L @talmixed is set to comment :) would love to hear more about data applications as well
Thanks Noah, Erik, will be glad to share. Drippler is about helping people discover and adopt everyday tech. We do this by providing personalized tips and recommendations and getting the users to engage - use features they didn't know about, download new apps and make the most of the ones they already use, install new updates, fix issues and buy products. We're building the biggest consumer tech knowledge base which consists of algorithm curated content from hundreds of sites across the web and community generated content (now in Beta on our Android app). Our users are now discovering new apps they can download and new products they can buy over 10M times a month, and by that we're helping people improve their lives with all these new and exciting technologies that keep coming out. As a by-product, we have lots of interesting data on how people use their smartphones/tablets and mobile apps. Data that can be leveraged in many ways. @Noah_L what are you thinking? Would love to get more feedback, feel free to share you thoughts everyone! Thanks
@talmixed Thanks for sharing Matan. I think what is most exciting from a data perspective is knowing what apps people are using and how they are using their phone. Onavo made a great business from the data/analytics side, while many thought of them as only a data manager.