Dripkit's are filled with freshly ground craft coffee that’s roasted weekly in Brooklyn, NY. Each Dripkit makes a delicious 8oz cup of coffee and stays barista quality fresh for over 60 days in a sleek single-serve packet.

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Love this love this love this! You're bound to respond with some generic mumbo jumbo, but I'll ask anyway: why US-only?
@jordsta Hey Jordan! No generic mumbo jumbo here. The reason US only is because of the shipping costs! We are looking into ways to get Dripkit International. It's definitely a priority. :)
@jordsta Great news Jordan! Because of your comment and some others, we've added shipping options to Canada, Mexico, and the EU, on our 1 and 3 box levels! There is an added shipping cost, however. Hopefully, this applies to you! If not, shoot me an email (hi@dripkit.coffee) and we can try to figure something out.
Sooooo cool. Pumped to try this when I head back to school. ☕ Do you offer wholesale pricing to cafes or coffee shops that want to carry your product?
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick, thanks! Short answer, yes. We definitely will be partnering with roasters and independent coffee shops. We hope to collaborate with all of our favorite coffee brands as well.
With the beans being pre-ground, how are you insuring freshness from production to shipment?
@aguggs99 We ensure that every cup of Dripkit is coffee shop quality by roasting, grinding and filling to order. Within seconds of grinding each individual serving we package it in an airtight packet that lets gasses escape through a valve and keeps oxygen out. Because it's single serve you don't have to worry about oxidization after opening the bag. We are working towards using wither nitrogen flushing or grinding/packaging in an oxygen inert environment to have an even longer shelf-life in the future By localizing our production/roasting, fulfillment and shipping within a couple miles we are able to bring you the freshest possible product every time. Dripkits taste best within the first month, but are good for up to six. Let me know if you have more questions of thoughts, happy to chat!
These are common as muck in Japan. Every convenience store has them, as do a lot of other coffee shops. Even bloody Starbucks. You can get empty single-use paper filters at Daiso (most likely in the USA too) which is pretty much the EXACT thing - no pre-packed coffee though... Still, it's a nice idea. Portable pour over is great :) Best of luck with it!
@stackhousehouse There are very similar products in Japan. You can buy the filters wholesale... however, they are much trickier, not environmentally friendly and typically filled with cheap grounds. We wanted to create something that worked better for coffee drinkers in the US and made a cup of coffee up to our unreasonably high standards ;)
@stackhousehouse Yes, this can be seen in much of coffee loving Asia. As many of my favorite independent roasters have them, I usually stock up before I travel.
I love this. Perfect to have on a plane.
@andreasduess Yes! On a plane, a train, in a hotel room, anywhere.