Prepaid coffee app for London's best independent ☕️ shops

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I liked the concept of pre-payment plans to get me cheaper coffee. Nice UI
@pedrogastal Thanks Pedro 😉
I don’t know about you, but I love my coffee black and strong and independent and quick and in good company and after a nice talk with the barista and also just when I want it. This sounds like a great idea, launched in London now, to be launched in more cities (like Amsterdam, do it do it do it) so let’s give it a little push ;) Hey @rrhoover you like coffee right? ;) ☕️ 🔥
I actually used to work for a similar app a few years ago, that focused on Bars & Pubs. We actually found it really difficult to sign up venues. One of the most common pieces of feedback was "We like to chat to our customers through the ordering process". @jeremycortial & @rubeng526 - have you received any familiar comments? FWIW the app I worked at was called EzyOrder (no longer around) and was based in London too. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking the idea but just curious to see your thoughts from my point of view, having been in a similar app! 😄
@bentossell Hey Ben, No problem! But we have had no problem signing up venues — we are at over 110 now just around 6 months after our launch. We agree that the personal touch of ordering is important, and that is why we have not removed it from the process. Users place their orders at the counter like regular customers, but they get the added benefit of being able to order and pay through the same app (arguably, they get more time to chat with the baristas since they have less to worry about!). We are very involved with our coffee shop partners, and are actively asking them to take part in the community we are building. Whether it be assembling a London coffee guide, or contributing to a DripApp mixtape, we make sure to involve their unique characteristics. Happy to meet over a coffee 😉
@rubeng526 this is a great response. I think we also live in different times, where smooth payments is key and understood between customers and baristas.
@rubeng526 but where would we go for a coffee 😜 What the previous app did was actually focus on the fact that you didn't have to interact with the staff so shot themselves in the foot there... Glad to see you are involving them to other things too - I definitely think thats important!
@rubeng526 @bentossell It's true, there is a personal aspect to ordering coffee when you go to your favorite shop and they know how you like it. But when I am in a hurry, convenience is key. I would definitely love to try it out. Great for my late morning coffee runs. Any plans to launch in the US? NYC perhaps? 😁☕️
@bentossell I'm dropping you a twitter msg ;) Yes we think that the experience at indies is important comparing to big chains that's a reason why we've chosen not to implement the pre-order! https://medium.com/@DripApp/why-...
Thanks @milann for hunting us! 6 months ago, we began hustling the streets of London to find the best independent coffee shops. At first we considered these locations to be like hidden gems, hiding from plain sight or blocked by big chains… but as it turns out, they are all a lot less hard to find then we initially thought. London is a beacon for some of the best cafes and coffee shop culture in the world, and we are proud, thrilled. We have worked long, hard, over-caffeinated hours in order to build the best community of independent coffee shops in the city and to help them to better compete against larger branded chains. On the other side, we are offering a simple tools for coffee (and tea) drinkers to save money and time while discovering the coolest local shop in town. Calling all London Hunters: first drink is on us! And if you enjoy DripApp, you can use PHDRIP for a 30% discount on your first plan. Stay caffeinated, Ruben PS: Android will be live in less than a week!!
Hey @rubeng526 would love to chat with you a bit about this. I love it!! Please reach out if you're up for it.
@alexputici Hey Alex, nice to meet you! I've dropped you an email
Congrats guys, love the concept.