The multivitamin for people who drink

Interesting approach to the multivitamin market. The "not so super health nuts" who still like to party." Looks like they're using a # antioxidants and some liver support ingriedients
yo @mcadamsmike - can you talk about why / how this started? what do you say to people who say "this sounds to good to be true?"
Hey @eriktorenberg - Sure. The quick and dirty is that I was raised in an ultra-health family, went to college, was worried about how much alcohol I was drinking, and started taking vitamins to combat both long and short term negative effects of alcohol. A few years later, I was working a real estate job with limited upside and started Drinkwel on the side with a buddy. It started doing well, I quit my job, and now we even have a few additional products. People who are skeptical can check out our Amazon reviews, not to mention we also offer a very simple refund policy: feel healthier or get all your money back, including shipping. No forms to fill out. No product to return. Hope this helps! Mike
@mcadamsmike That's pretty awesome. I'm going to buy some and hold you to that refund policy! Quick question - I like that you work with doctors, but have you ever thought about running a scientific study to show your effectiveness?
@gwintrob Hey Gordon, Awesome. If you're not happy for ANY reason, please hold us to it! We've considered clinical trials, but to do even a very mediocre and tiny trial, you're looking at least a few hundred grand. We started out as a bootstrapped business and there is still only us two founders as employees, so that is a TON of money for us.
@mcadamsmike How'd you get started making the actual product?
@dshan Lots of research on ingredients, self-testing, hire a professional to help with formulation, and then find a legit manufacturer.
@mcadamsmike That is quite the guarantee. Too good to pass up if you ask me. Should I feel the effects of Drinkwel after my first day taking it?
@KristoferTM You guys know where to find me if you need anything!
Well I attended a bachelor party last weekend and have been taking Drinkwel for a week or so prior. I must say I was surprised at how great i felt each morning after way too many hours of partying. Hard to tell if there were other factors involved, but the only difference I can think of between a normal night out drinking and a hangover, was Drinkwel. I've noticied a pretty clear difference since I've been taking it. @mcadamsmike you spoke the truth. #customerforlife
Wow @KristoferTM - thanks so much for giving us a try. Bachelor parties can be a tough test. Next time you have a bachelor party, shoot me a message (or email - mike at drinkwel dot com), and we'll help "sponsor" it with some extra product. Cheers to you, sir!
@mcadamsmike Haha awesome. Will do
Sounds like a smart product - could be a great way to replenish and recover