We took the classic Twister game and gave it a.. Twist.

The original was brilliant but mainly for the kids. Adults need a better mat, better rules and ways to drink whilst doing it.

Having an app means we can update the rules making it more epic as it goes!

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I had great fun testing this game. The cups to drink from are genius
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If you are fortunate to work at the same coworking space as one of the geniuses who invented Drinksta then you're lucky enough ;) Drinksta combines things that everyone loves: drinking with games. If you're looking for a new twist (lol) on the same old drinking games, give this a try!
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I can't really express how much fun is to play Drinksta. I had the luck to play twice, first winning and second losing, and the last made me sad just because the laughs while playing are unstoppable (for me) and wanted to continue on the mat. Is also a very good exercise for flexibility :D haha 100% recommend!
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If you want to know how we made this specifically into a drinking game or how the challenges work or how you become the Drinksta Champion then ask us here ๐Ÿ˜‰
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It was super fun to get to test this game!
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@isabel_soto Cheers Isabel!!