Tiny, Plug-In Breathalyzer For Android Devices

Another cool Kickstarter project. I always wonder about these things though , as there seem to be so many pocket breathalysers on the market. In their video they acknowledge this and point to the main advantages: - small (not bulky) - uses Android phone battery (no battery swapping) - Don't have to touch the mouth piece (avoid gross mouth pieces) Catchy slogan ("Drink Mate - it's always got your BAC"), though I wonder if there's a greater liability issue that is coming for these devices. What happens if someone blows over, then gets caught for a DUI? Or worse, hurts someone in an accident?
The 1.8-inch long device is designed to plug into a powered Micro-USB port and, when used in conjunction with its companion app, displays a blood alcohol content rating after the user has breathed over its semiconductor-based sensor. DrinkMate does not require a mouthpiece, the user just blows into an air inlet, which helps keep the design compact and the device hygienic. Also checkout Breathometer and Lapka-Bam hunted earlier.