The first round's on the house in London's best bars

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Hi, I’m Sophie, one of the co-founders and COO of Drinki, although, we’re a small team of five so we all dip our toes in every aspect of the business. There are lots of discount apps, there are lots of discovery apps, but we don’t believe anyone is doing them together, well. So we built Drinki - it’s a super low cost and flexible marketing tool for alcohol brands and bars, and a great discovery tool and money saver for Londoners. Think of Drinki as your free trial for bars - try a drink on the house at one of London’s coolest venues. We curate the bars so we're confident you’ll stay for more drinks after. We incentivise you to do just that with discount offers off your whole round - you and your friends will always get that second round cheaper at your new favourite spot. This is our third iteration, but George, our head of iOS’s first - we’ve kept it super simple and hopefully you think it’s as beautiful as we do - it was important to us that free doesn’t have to mean cheap; we work with amazing bars serving amazing drinks and hopefully that comes across in the app. This version has a solid referral system so every time you tell a friend about Drinki you’ll get another free drink. We’ve built a fun little 'tinder for drinks' game in the app as well - let us know your favourite drinks and we’ll begin to curate the experience. We're hoping to expand nationally in the next few months so people outside the M25 can enjoy Drinki too. I’m always around if you have any feedback, get out there and have have a drinki. Thanks Sophie
Drinki rocks! I found my new favourite bar because of a suggestion - the free drink was a plus :)