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The number of craft distilleries is exploding internationally. What happened in craft beer 10 years ago is now happening in spirits. With thousands of awesome products flooding the market, this has created a discovery problem. When you walk into your local liquor store, you usually see walls and walls of bottles. They may just seem like bottles but each has a story, usually of a passionate entrepreneur trying to make the world a little bit better. But these stories often go untold and customers settle for the bottle with the prettiest label. Something needed to change. So we built our version of "Product Hunt for spirits." Join the club and we assign you an SMS-based sommelier who learns your tastes. Are you into sweet bourbons with a vanilla taste profile or smokey mezcals? Each month we send you a craft bottle that is tailored to your tastes. Most are not available in your local liquor store. Each box includes the in-depth story behind each bottle, tasting notes and interviews with the maker. We ship to 36 states including MA, TX, NY and CA. It's an easy way to explore the world's best spirits and support their makers.. I'd love to get your feedback on our beta site. I have thick skin so please let me know how we can improve the site and service. Cheers, Harry P.S. - We created a discount code for the Product Hunt community. Use the code "KITTY" for $10 off your purchase.
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@harryraymond Love the concept. Count me in. FWIW, I know of a massive whiskey exchange event in Dallas Friday. Hit me up if you want me to see if they've got a way for you to get involved. (mikeo@yourspeakeasy.com) http://www.prekindle.com/promo/i...
@mikeorren @yourspeakeasy Great! Looks like an awesome event. I'll reach out to see if we can do text ordering for certain bottles.
The explosion in the number of craft distilleries and amazing spirits brands over the last couple of years has been phenomenal, but it's made discovery tough. I've been using Drinkeasy's SMS service for the last few months and I'm really excited to see this subscription box come to the market to make discovery of amazing new brands even easier. To paraphrase the old Remington ad, I liked it so much, I invested in the company. Excited to see this launch and to watch it scale. Watch this space - as there's a lot of cool stuff already happening and coming down the pipe over the coming weeks and months. Congrats to Harry & Nick - they've built something that the market clearly wants - both on the demand and supply side!
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Whats new guys? :) When first launched a year ago it was a "text on-demand" model....What has happened over the past year? Oh and the iOS app too! btw @chrismessina - Xmas present?
Hey @bentossell, Since we were last on Product Hunt, we joined the Techstars accelerator. It has been an awesome experience. Our SMS concierge service is booming. We have been pleasantly surprised by our repeat purchase rate and retention. SMS accounts for 98% of our sales and has vastly outperformed our iOS app. Perhaps it's the familiar U.I. but our customers also tell us they love the personal relationship with their drink expert. Because we're willing to have a conversation with our customers, we collect a lot of data on their taste preferences and can hunt down bottles they'll love. So we're doubling down on conversational commerce and building out services like this subscription box powered by our team of SMS sommeliers. We have Slack and Facebook messenger chat services in the works too. P.S. - @chrismessina is an awesome SMS customer. :)
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@bentossell yes, please get me a subscription! XD
I'm a big fan of Drinkeasy, and a big fan of @harryraymond! I'm very excited for the launch of this service, and yes, @bentossell, if you'd like to get me a subscription for the holidays, I'd graciously accept! I'm already a happy customer of the Drinkeasy SMS Concierge service, and in fact once splurged on a bottle of Charbay Release III Hop-Flavored Whiskey from their Lifetime Collector Series — entirely over SMS! Talk about conversational commerce done right! More recently I picked up a bottle of Lock, Stock & Barrel Limited Edition 16 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey, 107 proof: Since I want to support Harry, and I want you to try this service, he's set me up with a $10 discount code. Just use "MESSINA" when you check out, and then think of me whenever you nestle in with your new purchase! 🍸
I used the app to purchase a bottle of small batch gin as a present for my younger brother. The gift was a massive hit. Will definitely be giving a couple subscriptions this Christmas. Huge fan of all the products put out by Team DrinkEasy / Swig.
@willielit Thanks Willie. Thrilled to hear the gift worked out. Always try to curate bottles with beautiful design, great taste and a good story.