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Drinkeasy is your pocket sommelier. Built for SMS, Drinkeasy's experts are your personal shopping assistant for buying premium and craft spirits from distilleries around the world. Most not available in your local liquor store.

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Hey Product Hunters, I'm one of the creators of Drinkeasy. We created Drinkeasy because we were excited about the craft spirits boom but we still weren't excited about our local liquor store experience. We all know the feeling of walking into a liquor store and having no idea what fits our tastes. We were sick of settling for the bottle with the prettiest label or asking the guy behind the counter what he knows about a new and obscure whiskey. So we built Drinkeasy. Drinkeasy helps you discover and buy craft spirits from micro-distilleries around the country. To sign up, you simply text 646-681-4442 to connect with a drink expert. Once a week, Drinkeasy’s experts send you a personalized text with the story of a craft whiskey, gin, rum or tequila. The service is completely free. If something looks tasty and you want to buy, just reply “HELL YES” and it is delivered to your door. We can ship to 35 states. As you interact with the service more, Drinkeasy learns your tastes and tailors its picks for you. We hope it helps you explore new tastes and support the maker movement. Would love to hear your feedback.
Congrats for this new Product @harryraymond! This is a next day delivery service right?
@guillaumehour Thanks Guillaume. Shipping typically takes 2-4 business days but we feature bottles that aren't always available in your local liquor store.
Love the no app 😄
@solfrombrooklyn the engagement has been through the roof. Great way to get feedback on your product too.
Superb product created by a great team. I've been trying to expand my drinking palate and this seems like a perfect fit! Great work!
@jonplaca Thanks Jon! Glad you're enjoying it.
@harryraymond Great idea! I also love the idea of not having to use another app.