Assemble your Drilla

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Nice art for a cookie-clicker. The wheel of fortune still has some untranslated copy.
@astrism Thank you, Grant! We fix localization, sorry
This game is great. I play it all the time.
@jonahengler Thank you Jonah! Link with the secret bonus for mobile devices with the Drilla http://sqba.mobi/code/use/016WF4...
Really cool !
@jpvalery Yeh! Check this bonus http://sqba.mobi/code/use/016WF4... (link for mobile devices with the Drilla)
@qingool nice bonus :)
@qingool so after a couple of days on Drilla, and a safe #1 spot in the leagues, i feel I'm hitting a wall. I think the monetization and the hard currency could and should be improved. I've reached quickly points where upgrades require 300+ hard currency while you can only win 10 per day. So pretty unbalanced :)
@jpvalery Thank you, we are still working on balance. Try to improve the growth of hard currency.
@qingool Some paths to investigate : offer more ways to grab HC (not just a daily login bonus), reduce the costs of the upgrade so you're not forced to spend money to get them. Also had a glitch on a hard layer of rock at 87Km - The price to crush it was 19 HC, then after purchasing a new element for the drilla, it got up to 90HC :o Last but not least, curves for upgrading the parts of the drilla could be more balanced. It was pretty cheap and all of a sudden i need millions of each resources to be able to install the part :/
Is it like Dug Doug or just a 'earn money based on time' and do it faster with powerups?
@joshdance Not exactly. This permanent extraction of resources and their distribution for the construction of a new Drilla. Try it :) Find a bonus for you?
Been playing it for 5 days now, not sure why, but i totally love it and i'm kinda addicted to it ! A part of me says there's no point playing it, another part says improve your drilla. Great game, been so long since i played a mobile game continuously for 5 days. Only one question, why does it get hard to get upgrades (not parts) ? I got the 50 % mineral extraction (for 15 mins) for "X" amount, now only the 75% is available for a very high price. Can't i get the 50% mineral extraction again?