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Daniel ZarickMaker@danielzarick · Housecraftapp.com, Shortwave.xyz, & more
I designed and built this over the past week. The idea came to me the Friday night before the election, and I figured would be fun to build over a few days. Right now I'm keeping things small and simple: What are the best products you and your Twitter friends have bought on Amazon recently? For the future: Well, if you click some links and buy some things then we'll get to see where I hope to take it. 😂
Mikee Shattuck@mikee_shattuck · Creative Marketing Consultant
@danielzarick hope you stuck your affiliate code in there somehow ;)
Daniel ZarickMaker@danielzarick · Housecraftapp.com, Shortwave.xyz, & more
@mikee_shattuck haha yes. :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I dig the giphy/tumblr-like aesthetic, @danielzarick. This reminds me of Canopy and Kit.
Daniel ZarickMaker@danielzarick · Housecraftapp.com, Shortwave.xyz, & more
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Definitely wanted to go for something more fun and friendly vs. clean and sterile like Canopy and Kit. Love those products, but I've found that it can be more difficult to add something like the uncooked tortillas I have on my profile: http://driftless.co/u/DanielZarick
Mike HarmerPro@mikeharmer · Designer + front-end developer
Love the style and little interactions here, a super refreshing look vs other product sites! Congrats on putting it together so quickly... any more story about your process there?
David Feng@davidsfeng · Co-Founder at Reamaze
Love this! So fun and different :) Congrats! @danielzarick