Driftaway Coffee App

An app for coffee discovery from subscription coffee service

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I've been subscribed to Driftaway for months - I've been consistently pleased with the high quality and freshness of their beans, and I've also learned a lot about coffee along the way (I even bought a fancy grinder! So adult!) I recently got to play around with their new app which aims to help you discover more things to love about coffee :) @mscccc can attest to the coffee quality :)
@stttories thanks Tori!
Very excited and proud to share with the PH community! In our ongoing quest to have everyone make great coffee at home, we're excited to launch the Driftaway Coffee App! This app lets you discover what kinds of coffees you like, find your coffee personality, and get personalized coffee recommendations (like what you should order at a cafe!). Eager to hear feedback on this first version and would love for everyone to try it out! Please use coupon code PHDRIFTIN to get the first delivery free!
Driftaway makes some amazing coffee, really glad to see them coming out with their app!
@adamkornfield same - also love my Apprentice notebooks, btw. I keep one handy in my bag and at my desk :)
@stttories @adamkornfield Glad to hear you're liking them! :)
I also would like to state that Driftaway's beans make a mean cold brew. (Thanks, Suyog!)
The sign up process reminds me of MistoBox. The app itself feels kind of beta -- where the intro full screen photos of coffee personalities clashes with the next onboarding flow, followed up with an embedded browser-based sign up flow. So, parts of the design are nice, but the execution (of the app) left something to be desired. I am curious about the beans, but it wasn't clear from that web-based sign up flow how to get the 4-bag sampler. Do I have to subscribe to a regular shipment just to try it out?
@chrismessina Hi Chris - thanks for checking it out and for the feedback! It's definitely version 1 - we chose to focus on the new customer experience after we realized that the most eye-opening and exciting experience for people was the exploration of the initial coffee tasting kit that comes with every new Driftaway subscription plan. You do have to sign up for a plan to try out the kit and get the best app experience - check it out and you can pause or cancel if it's not for you :)
@chrismessina Affiliate link in a Product Hunt comment? Is that really part of the community we want to build here?
@peterjthomson edited. I was on my phone and didn't want to get the URL wrong, so I used a link that I knew would work!
@suyogmody got it — I think that could be made more clear during on-boarding! Also, where do you source your beans from?
@chrismessina We're sourcing from importers that have direct relationships in origin countries all over the world. Some examples are Ben from https://twitter.com/goldmtncoffee and Taylor & team from https://twitter.com/croptocup.