Driftaway Coffee

Curated whole-bean coffee subscription based on your taste

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Tori BunteHunter@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Morning Hunters! I came across Driftaway Coffee recently when exploring different coffee subscriptions. The last few months I've been ordering the 4x4 sampler from Pony Brand Coffee, but I just ordered Driftaway's Solo plan to try it out. How Driftaway works: Select a plan. They'll send you four 1oz bags - their "Rise and Grind" kit for $4. You brew those coffees and provide feedback, and based on your taste preferences, they'll send you out curated freshly roasted coffee beans. They roast their beans on Friday and ship on Saturday, and will not grind it for you. :) The solo plan is $12 (free shipping) for 7oz of coffee delivered 2x a month. The Doppio plan is $16 (free shipping) for 11oz of coffee, 2x a month. Pretty solid deal and from what I've read online people love the service.
Is YogiMaker@suyogmody · Co-founder, Driftaway Coffee
@stttories Thanks Tori! Super excited and thanks for getting us on PH! We are focused on getting everyone back to drinking great coffee at home. Driftaway Coffee was started by Anu and me (Suyog) to fulfill our need to create something ourselves, do work we were passionate about as well as our need and interest in good coffee. We are passionate about owning our product and making sure that every single step of the process that affects the quality of our coffee, is managed carefully. So, we source from a handful of suppliers that we trust, we roast our own beans in Red Hook in Brooklyn, we've designed and developed our own site and done all of the packaging ourselves. While this may seem a little marketing-y, it's 100% real and we face, suffer, discuss, debate, enjoy and celebrate this every day. Thanks again!
Tori BunteHunter@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
@suyogmody Of course - no problem. I actually just pushed my order through and I'm super excited to try you guys out. Maybe this will push me to invest in a better grinder! I read a review from a random blog and they highlighted all of your values and went into your background, and it all sounds really amazing. It's obvious you really care about the quality of what you source and it seems to translate into a really high quality product. Excited to try!
Adam Kornfield@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
Met Anu and Suyog at the Nearly Impossible conference in Brooklyn last year as they were catering the event. Amazing attention to detail with their coffee. The fresh roast it and take incredible personal care in everything they do. Its amazing coffee and highly recommend it
Is YogiMaker@suyogmody · Co-founder, Driftaway Coffee
@adamkornfield Thanks Adam! Super excited to be here!! Thanks for chiming in!
Is YogiMaker@suyogmody · Co-founder, Driftaway Coffee
Hi Product Hunters! Suyog here - I'm one of the founders of Driftaway Coffee. Great to see Driftaway Coffee up here. We have a special deal for PH if you use the code PHDRIFTIN on checkout, you'll get your first delivery free! Happy to answer any questions and we're also on live chat on our site in case you are there. Thanks!
Sumeet Shah@pe_feeds · Consumer & VC specialist for hire.
Also met Anu at an AlleyWatch event recently. Have a bunch of his coffee to try, it's quite delicious, highly recommend these guys!
Is YogiMaker@suyogmody · Co-founder, Driftaway Coffee
@pe_feeds Thanks Sumeet! Glad you enjoyed it!
Joey Cofone@joeycofone · Co-founder, Baron Fig
Great product. Love it. Subscribe and enjoy.
Is YogiMaker@suyogmody · Co-founder, Driftaway Coffee
@joeycofone Thanks Joey!