This is great! Don't need a whole connected system, they just integrate easily into my normal socket+switch setup. One thing I wish for is sunrise capabilities, to wake me up after I set an alarm. Living in NYC, I need blackout curtains, but hate waking up to pitch darkness as a result. This solves half of my problem, and hopefully the alarm thing is next?
Very cool, and potentially very useful from the bleary-eyed new parent perspective. I'd like to see if there's any scientific validation to their claims, and I'm somewhat skeptical of the quality of light & temperature, since my existing experience of LED bulbs has less than awesome.
I just bought four of these for my bedroom. I'm a huge fan of SmartThings for home automation and it could probably do this too if I had LED-compatible zwave dimmer switches, but I don't. This solution is very elegant - I like the fixed dimmer timing to emulate the average sunset time, and the fact that there are no settings to configure—it's completely plug and play. And you cannot beat this launch price. The regular LEDs I bought recently cost the same or more. Lights Out! by T.S. Wiley is a great book to learn more about how artificial light and modern society have really screwed up our sleep.