Connected dashcam with safety alerts & apps

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
Dride's integration with Alexa is pretty great — just imagine once it's 10x faster in response times... (I figure that's an Alexa issue):
@chrismessina thank you for hunting us 🔥 Hello Hunters! We’re a bunch of car fanatics who believe that the vehicles we are driving are unnecessarily primitive and downright dangerous! 🚗 We’ve designed Dride to change that, and with it, the way we drive. Dride is our revolutionary new product built to enhance every aspect of your driving, protect you from dangerous mobile distractions, and build a community around driving smartly and safely🚘. Dride is a dashcam 📷, but does so much more. It comes with a real time safety alert system, navigation and voice-to-text technology. You can also build your own driving apps and make Dride as intelligent as you are 🙌. We made it possible for you to drive smart, now we need your help to share it with the world ❤️️ ❤️️. We will be giving away FREE T-SHIRTS to all who send us their Product Hunt username after pledging on kickstarter! We're excited to hear what you think.
David Bellaiche
Co-founder of Tack App
Amazing guys!! Do you deliver in London, uk?
@david770 sure!
Sarang PharateStart up lover;Beta tester
Amazing idea.. you can beat 7 mai dashcam from Mi !! Do you deliver in India ..it works for India region ? Can you offer device for me ?