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Introducing Dribble, the first daily fantasy soccer app to hit the UK…and Product Hunt. We are based in the UK, which means we refer to soccer how it’s supposed to be referred to…football. Dribble was created by three fantasy football enthusiasts, myself included, who also happen to be fed up with the season long game. Our inspiration comes from industry leading products found in the US and UK, the main ones being Fantasy Premier League, Draftkings, Fanduel and Draft. Being UK based, we could clearly see exactly what the football fan was missing. A mobile focused, quick and easy alternative to playing fantasy football. For them it’s still season long and desktop. We’ve worked tirelessly for the past 9 months to build the best experience for all football fans out there. I’ll be here all day for an AMA if you want to chat about Dribble, fantasy football, get my opinion on whether Leicester will win the Premier League or even if you want to know why I support Chelsea (who lost last night). If you want to challenge me, then search for “thunderstorm”, add me as a friend and bring your A game.
@rupertbrennink Dribble? I guess there is a big naming confusion here. Just in case: https://dribbble.com/
@aramiggs Indeed there is, and we are big fans of it. But fortunately very different industries.
I will definitely give this a go for this weekend's fixtures. Do you have the Scottish leagues? I know the laws in the UK make it hard to add cash prizes to these types of games. I think this was partly the reason why Fanduel left Edinburgh/UK and focused on the American market. Is this something you would like to add in the future? Have you looked at bitcoin and the potential to use that as a way to circumvent red tape? 👍⚽️
@aemholland That's great. As of now, we only offer Premier League and Champions League games, but of course looking to expand to all top tier European leagues. The Scottish leagues might creep in there ;) You’re right, the UK does make it a little difficult, however, we have obtained a UK Gambling License that allows us to offer both free and paid games. It’s a peer-to-peer license so you go head to head against friends (or random opponents). Bitcoin is something we haven’t considered formally at this time, however it has come up in conversation 🏆 🏆
@rupertbrennink Haha if you are expanding by top European leagues then I guess Scotland will be next. 😝 Sorry, I just assumed that you did not offer any cash prizes. That's great you obtained a gambling license. I will definitely be giving it a go - now I can lose all my money while playing. Good luck with the future. 😀
@aemholland Haha thanks! Feel free to try the game out for fun first. Even when not playing for cash you'll still earn points and hopefully make your way up the global leaderboard - which is one of our most popular features.
Been using this for a while now and I can honestly say it's not only my favourite fantasy app/platform, but one of my regular usage apps alongside the Instagrams / Twitters etc. Simple simple design, better scoring system than regular fantasy and more than one footballing competiton makes this my go to!
Thanks @seffa121. Really appreciate it!
Enjoyed this app. I use it alongside my own app Broadcast Football https://t.co/4IZoAfeYVN I've added it to my Football/Soccer collection. https://www.producthunt.com/@bcf... I also like your push notification style.
@bcf_ant Thank you for the compliments and adding us to your collection. Downloading your app now
Can say I'm truly addicted to this. I'm a DFS-skeptic, but the simplicity of Dribble has me hooked. Brilliant updates lately, too.