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Tayler Freund
Builder, Designer, Gardener
Sweet! Small thing... I would love to filter through designers, shots ect. through the new Places page. For example, Denver, CO features top notch designers however lists them in a particular way that I have no control over. I would love to be able to sort by number of shots, followers, debute'ers, ect. within the place category. Maybe its already there and I just can't find it.
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Johny vino
Humanizing User Experience
Very helpful
Axel NorvellUI/UX Designer at GoCo.io
This definitely helps you get a better visual overview of the designers in your local area, pretty awesome! A downside I noticed, I was scrolling casually through the Designers in my area and I pretty much instantly got the "rate limit" errors left and right. Kind of lame that a tool built for exploration punishes you after only 30 seconds of use :P