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The landing page looks great (as expected and I think required for a design-focused company). Broadly speaking, I'm curious if you've seen a rise in the number of companies/candidates seeking remote talent/opportunities. While distributed teams isn't for every company, we're big fans of it at Product Hunt (which covers 9 timezones, if I'm counting correctly).
@rrhoover The Dribbble team is 100% remote as well. :) There's so many amazingly talented people living outside the Bay Area and NYC, tech businesses should need to burn capital on fancy office spaces or pay 4x the nation average for salaries so that their employees can afford rent. I'm definitely seeing a high-level industry trend in modern tech companies going 100% (or mostly) remote – Automattic, InVision, Buffer, Zapier, many more. Additionally, most startups that I know who are based in the Bay Area have some fraction of their team working distributed from home or in remote co-working spaces. To better answer your question though, let me go run a query on what Dribbble is seeing and get back to you with some data.
👏👏👏 @zack415 and team!
Too expensive. ZipRecruiter and candidate research yields a better ROI.
Looks promising, our team would further view what best can be achieved if we use the services of dribble hiring. Will post once reviewed.