Dribbble Autozoom

Automagically zoom every Dribbble shot

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Carlos Roso — Frontend Developer & UX Designer

Creator here.

Go 2x or go home, they said. It's a pain for me to click on every shot just to watch it zoomed. I noticed I couldn't configure Dribbble to open the shots zoomed to 2x by default. I tried two or three extensiones available out there but none of them worked with the "recent" AJAX loading approach from Dribbble.

This has pretty much solved a problem for me, I hope it does for you too.

I've open sourced the code, it's dead simple tho:


Let me know if it's just me or everyone want to go all the way zoomed :)
León Hernández — Tech and dreamer guy
I like it, designers always want to see detail, so what better than skip the extra click. Using it from now on!
Carlos Roso — Frontend Developer & UX Designer
@leonfhl Thank you! Glad you like it bruh!
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